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About Us

The most gorgeous online Paramedical Courses.

Paramedical courses in the country are becoming quite important in health care systems. To support the effective functioning of the doctors, education is imparted through the affiliated colleges / study centers in different areas of the country. Those who promote quality education, training and research in health and medicine.

Scientists are busy in inventing new instruments, medicines and machines in medical science in the country and abroad and they have new equipments like lab technician, ultrasound, X-ray, ECG, endoscope, CT scan, laparoscope and dialysis etc. But doctors invest a huge time without trained technical staff with these modern machines and they are helpless to do research work without trained and technical support. Without technical support it is impossible to diagnose a patient and to test diseases. Therefore, according to government officials, there is a great demand for medical technicians in various medical fields in the country and abroad. The faculty conducts the examination, issues diploma certificates and registrations for the candidates to pass. The Central Government and the State Government have not constituted any Act or Council to regulate admission and training in paramedicals.

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